Canna Shea Testimonials:

“Thank you again for giving me your spray and cream.  After two hip replacements, there was still pain. I now have to have a third surgery due the calcification now in the new hip. The pain is terrible but I use your product which takes away the pain without narcotics! These injuries are from traffic accidents during 25 years in California Law Enforcement for the State!”
Thanks again, T. N., Retired

“Thank you for the sample of salve. It not only helps my dry skin, but when I’ve felt a tension headache I applied the salve to the back of my neck & was amazed by the calming effect it had, headache was pretty much gone within a few minutes. It also smells real nice. Thanks again.”
—S. B.

“This letter to serve as a testimonial for skin products made by Health And Wellness 420 Products. They are without a doubt the best products i have ever used for both skin health and pain relief. I have been fighting a horrible diabetic ulcer on my foot for almost three years. I have tried every over the counter and persciption ointment possible and have had to re-bandage this wound on a daily basis. I started using your product about two months ago and to my amazement within a month it was healed enough i no longer needed a bandage. I have continued use and now have it almost completely gone. I showed this to my primary care doctor and he was amazed, in fact he said he has never seen an ulcer as bad as mine was heal so well and heal so quickly. I cannot thank you enough in just two short months i have gone from barely being able to walk worried that I was going to loose my foot to were i am now! I still have a bit to go but after almost three years of dealing with this i finally feel that i am coming down the home stretch. It also works wonders on sore areas if you rub it in well.
Thanks again!”

“Dear, Health And Wellness 420 Products Thank you, Thank you for your cream, I’ve ached for years in my left knee…an old football injury. Your cream has been phenomonal easing the pain as well as acting as a lubricant for better mobility. Keep up the good work.”
—J. J.

“I use the cream on my hands, and it works better than any arthritis cream I’ve tried.”
—D. L., Delivery Driver

“This stuff works great on my back!” (Injured in Afghanistan)
—N. M., Retired Military

“Helps using cream with her migraine meds.”
—T. S., Retired Teacher

“I have had several knee surgeries and this cream is better than the pain meds. my Dr. prescribes.”
—K. E., Retail Sales

“I’ve been using the cream on a chronic athlete’s foot issue that I have had for years. One foot looks like leather and the other looks like lace.  I’ve noticed that the “leather” looking foot has improved. The cream helps keep my feet hydrated and looking young!”

“Hello, just a little thanks on the spray you sent me, it works so well, I don’t have to eat Alleve like skittles, also the salve works great for my arthritis and migraine’s !!!!
So thank you again and please keep me informed of any new products you make cause me and my friends will purchase !!!!
—C. W.

“I met Health And Wellness 420 Products last year, we were having a conversation about the pain I have in my neck, shoulders and arms due to Degenerative Disks in my neck. They told me about her topical cream and how it helped with pain. Health And Wellness 420 Products gave me some of the cream and I tried it. Within a day I could tell a difference in my pain level and by the third day I was almost pain free. There are days that the cream does not help as well as others due to the fact that my pain level is a ten out of ten but it still works somewhat even then. I believe in this product because it has works for me. I know others that have used the cream and they have had the same results as I have.
Thank You”
—T. H.

“The purpose of this letter is to thank you for allowing me to try your new products. Both the Canna Shea Body Butter and the Canna Quik Fix Spray helped me heal from my recent double hernia surgery.
The Canna Quik Fix Spray gave me a least two hours of relief from nagging pain and the Canna Shea Body Butter, when applied first thing in the morning, curbed the pain all day.. I also applied the Body Butter after my evening shower, along with the spray, and could sleep all night. The products do not only control pain, but smell great and leave your skin smooth and soft. I highly recommend this product for pain maintenance after surgery.
For the past 25 years, I own a soccer company and run soccer tournaments in Southern CA. The muscle and joint pain associated with sports play and injury is also greatly minimized by the use of these two products. I highly recommend this product to be used to treat sports muscle and joint pain caused by and associated with many different sports.”
—H., Sports Company

“I have internal hemorrhoids and serious problems with them coming out and swelling up and really hurting . I have used your cream on my knees for inflammation and it worked great so I decided to try putting the cream on my hemorrhoids and the next morning they were gone !!!
I started using your shea butter on my legs that are so bruised from having thin skin within a matter of a few weeks the bruises starting to get lighter and my skin was glowing ! I love it
Amazing product … Thank you Health And Wellness 420 Products”
—F. S. C.

“…I am 72 yrs old.  I would like to take a moment to tell you about my experiences with the Canna Shea Butter and the Quick Fix Spray.
Have used it for many different things but the one important thing was when I shut the car door and it smashed my hand very badly. It was swelling and the first thing I did was use the cream.I lathered up my hand and it stopped the swelling and relived the pain..I did not  have to go o the hospital to have my rings cut of as I had feared..I love both products, but the best thing  about the cannabis is for my beloved Tilly. My dog was at the point (13 yrs old) where she was not going outside at all not even to relieve herself, she has a lot of hip pain she just had no life left in her at all.”
—B. D.

“Thank you Health And Wellness 420 Products, for helping K. get relief from on going pain in her shoulder, due to 3 shoulder replacement…the permanent pain she has had to live with for many years, is now controllable…your product has given her comfort since day one…thank you for being who you are, that is a friend above reproach…I would like to add..skeptical me with arthritis coming on fast decided to try your product…I cannot believe it, I actually get close to the same relief, I was getting from cortisone shots…you came along with your great idea at a good time in our life…I pray you will continue to remain accessible and your product can reach more and more people in need as we were when we met you.”
—R. R.

“I’d like to take a moment to tell you about a “miracle” product.
It’s called Canna Shea. I call it a miracle because of it’s fast, and, very good relief from aches and pains. I’m a 67 yr. old retired industrial level construction worker. I’ve got plenty of aches and pains. I had been using it on joint pains for a while with great success. I recently used a chainsaw for five and a half hours straight. My hands were killing me. Not just joint pain, but all-over. I applied Canna Shea like I was lathering up with soap. I started to feel results immediately, and within 2 hours the pain was gone. It did not return. I’ve never experienced such fast and total relief from any name-brand product. No exceptions. In my book this is A-One.”

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