SpaDue to the fact that our skin is our largest and most outward organ, it is exciting that more and more research is being conducted on cannabis based topical products.

Even though cannabis is non-toxic and offers medical benefits for a never ending list of ailments, not everyone looking for relief wants to light up a joint or munch down a pot brownie. Thankfully, there is another way – topicals.

At this point and time, you may ask yourself why would I put cannabis on the outside of my body? One of the fastest growing ways cannabis is used for health is topicals. Topicals includes a wide classification of cannabis infused products.

Cannabis topicals include salves, lotions and oils that are infused with active cannabis and are applied and absorbed directly through your skin. Rather than smoking or ingesting cannabis that affects the whole body and takes up to two hours or more to fully experience the effects, the topical application of cannabis allows various products to be absorbed directly into the problem area for fast and effective relief. New patients might be reluctant to ingesting or smoking the raw product, but may be more willing to try external applications.

It has been well documented that cannabis is very effective in managing difficult and chronic pain. Cannabis topicals are effective only on the areas where it is applied. Cannabis topicals can be effectively applied for a variety of ailments. When applied to skin, you have a more focused and faster acting relief than when ingested. Cannabis users are unaware of the advantages of topicals, and mostly unaware that they can use topicals, with confidence, and not experience being high.

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